The Peter Porter Poetry Competition is a yearly competition where entrants compete for a chance to win the major or runner up shortlist prizes. This prize is open to all age groups and entrants are not required to be in Australia, which has meant that a significant number of entrants from overseas are included each year.

One of the unique things about the Peter Porter Poetry competition is that there is an entry fee, which is understandable considering the sizeable prize money.

What are the prizes for the Peter Porter Poetry Competition?

The main prize for the Peter Porter Poetry competition is a cash prize of $7,000.

There are also four prizes for the remaining shortlisted poets who each receive a runner up prize of $500.

Peter Porter Poetry Competition entry requirements

There is no restriction on the age or location of entrants into the competition, the only individuals who cannot enter are ABR staff, board members or editorial advisers.

You are allowed to enter multiple times, as long as you pay for each entry fee.

The entry fee for joining the poetry competition is $25 per entry. If you have an active ABR subscription, your entry fee is reduced to $15.

Students also receive a discounted $15 entry into the Peter Porter poetry competition.

How do I enter the poetry competition?

To enter the poetry competition, head over to the entry page on