As a creative writer, finding inspiration or motivation can be one of the toughest parts of the process, and in the post covid era, finding sources of inspiration that are positive or beautiful, can be tougher than ever before. With restrictions on movements and activities or the ability to travel and experience something new are not options that are open to all the writers out there, so finding inspiration closer to home can be essential to getting the creative juices flowing. 

 With that in mind, we would like to introduce some ideas for how you can take a look at your city and draw inspiration from the metropolis around you. 


Close Your Eyes And Listen


You may be used to the same sights each day, or perhaps high-rise buildings and concrete pavements are not what you need for inspiration. For some, even leaving the building is not the easiest, so a simple way to get a different perspective is to close your eyes, take some deep breaths and focus on the sounds around you. When you take away sight and let the noises fill your brain and imagination, you may be surprised by what you can hear and the stories you can tell simply from sounds. Taking a bit of time to relax, breathe and listen can give a whole new perspective on your little bit of city.


Go For A walk When You Usually Wouldn’t


Another way to get a new perspective and find some inspiration is to take a walk when you usually would be asleep, working, or staying indoors. Waking up early or staying up late and seeing how the activity and people are different, can give you an insight into how others live in your city. According to the writers at, taking a walk in the rain can provoke some other thoughts, rather than just trying to stay dry or get where you need to be. So if you’re struggling for inspiration, take a walk to clear your head, observe and get creative. 


Historical Inspiration


Perhaps looking to the past can be a new way for you to get some ideas and inspiration about your city. Finding historical photos, articles and archives can give you an insight into the history of your area or city, and what it has been home to before. Walking the same streets or seeing the same walls as events from the past can really open one’s eyes to the heritage and story of the place you call home. Geelong in Victoria, for example, is a small city with a rich history that goes overlooked by many. Retracing the steps of famous events or visiting the scene of a forgotten story can be an interesting and informative way to ignite the imagination, and you may be surprised about the history of the place you call home. 


Hopefully you have found some inspiration in our words and can take a new look or listen to the city around you. Sometimes a writer’s block can feel like a dead-end for ideas, but it can also serve as a sign to try something new and take in an aspect of your city that you may have overlooked before. So Don’t despair, get active and use the city around you for inspiration.