Prized for perfumes and medicines,
Rainbow personified & God’s messenger,
Resting the souls of dead women,
Decorum of the graves,
Delight of the ancient artists.
Blooming on Minoan Walls,
Sculptured in stone at Karnak.
Living memories of the French revolution.
Clovis put you on his banner
And won over Germanic tribe.
Louis VII adopted you as device,
‘Fleur-de-lis’ the symbol of France.
Germany suspended you in beer barrels,
And France to enrich the wine,
England to give flavour to brandies,
And Russia flavoured a soft drink.
Then, plucked in a state of chastity,
Now, relegated to flavour toothpaste.
Ram Mehta

Mens Secrets

There are men of god who like innocence for their pleasure.

There are coaches, teachers etc., who never – their actions – measure,

as they destroy the impeccability of this, our worlds Treasure.

There are so many men – thoughtless – leaving so many scares.

Destroying the spirits, the souls, the luster of so many Stares.

Leaving them as barren, distant, cold as the surface of mars.

What is in man’s heart ?, that drives all this horror, all this insanity.

Why do they not see ?, what they are doing to a segment ( fifty percent ) of humanity.

What ?, lies in the murky depths of these men’s sick, broken souls and heart,

that makes them shatter the chastity of a life that will never know how to start living out their lives,

and on a much higher plane and not know the stress, the depths, the separation caused by all their suppressed pain,

pain that comes on, comes out- screaming with every action, action that stops one – who cares, who shows with every reaction,

yet neither – these sick men made it impossible – will find peace or satisfaction.

William Jr Atfield

Flirting With Someone’s Wife

To uphold clean ethics you may strive,
But which unfeeling fool does not know
That stolen honey out-tastes that of your hive,
And that the grass is always greener over the fence?
Silver and golden rings do strongly bind
And vows of chastity nail heart to heart,
But the pulsations of newfound love
Rock and rewind things back to the start.
So return that honey-coated flirt with a flirt
And let the tides of destiny take their course;
Nothing ever happens by accident or some luck,
For it’s the hands of providence that gather and toss.
Feel the warmth of newfound love invade your heart
And, babe, return that sweet flirt with a sweeter flirt.
Hannington Mumo
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